Assignment: Persuade the all-important (often female) passenger that riding on the back of a Can-Am Spyder is like heaven itself.

Process. Develop a clear strategy of comfort benefits and convey them in an engaging manner in a web video.

Enjoy the Ride. The video was shot on location in Central Oregon in and around Bend, including the stunning scenery of Lake Billy Chinook.

Result: The video helped boost passenger acceptance of Can-Am Spyder ownership.


Assignment: Create a viral video for the launch of the Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle capable of 100+ mph and 100+ miles of range.

Process. From a collection of Brammo footage, conceive and execute a compelling video content piece that conveys key product benefits and informs viewers of the electric motorcycle’s capabilities.

Result. Released on YouTube, the highly-effective video received 800,000+ views in the first few months. Polaris Industries would eventually re-brand the motorcycle as the Victory Empulse TT.


Assignment: When natural disaster strikes and the power goes out, demand for Generac home standby generators goes off the charts. Dealers are overwhelmed, and buyers get tired of waiting for a response. Eventually, once power is restored and life returns to normal, they forget about the experience and demand fades.

Changing this boom to bust cycle was the goal. Generac needed to level out demand by getting customers to consider buying and installing a home standby generator when they didn’t need it.

The answer? An informative half-hour documercial that reminded homeowners of what it was like to live without power for days on end. Powerful testimonials by Generac owners, a compelling narrative presented by host Allan Hunter, and insightful 3rd party expert commentary by Dr. Gregory Reed provided persuasive reasons to make the purchase now.

Result. Highly successful at generating in-home consultations. Dramatic reduction in boom to bust sales cycle.


Assignment: Bring to life the 100-year history of Evinrude outboard motors in a video to be used on the web, at trade shows and for public relations.

Process. A unique combination of historical re-creation and actual archival footage was used to form a compelling visual tableau chronicling the history of the company founded by Ole Evinrude.

Result. Phenomenally well received by the client and internal audiences, this video was used in numerous methods to showcase the 100 year anniversary of Evinrude outboards.